Trevor Lowe is the co-founder of Lowe Bros. Studios and the Pixel artist for Indie Pogo. He co-created Stardrop with fellow Lowe Bros. co-founder Jaron Lowe.

Biography Edit

"In 2013, Trevor Lowe left an emotionally-grinding job working for Zynga of San Francisco to pursue a career in not-copying-existing-games. Within a few weeks of solo protoyping, he linked up with Christopher Atkins on twitter, and they revived a game development mantle that was used before Trevor's grad school days: Lowe Bros. Studios." | Indie Pogo Press Kit
In 2017, Trevor got a car accident and had to spend all the Indie Pogo budget on repairing his car. He decided to create a Kickstarter in September so that he could fund the game with the pledges coming from many backers.

Trevor was interviewed by content creators like Pelvic Gaming or The Voice Over Show when promoting Indie Pogo.

Trevor is also the Community Manager of Lowe Bros. Studios on social media.

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Trivia Edit

  • Zorbié is Trevor's favorite fighter to play as.
  • Trevor made an appearance in the Rivals Direct on April 1, 2018, where he joking announced 'Orcane Pogo'
  • Trevor co-composed a song for Indie Pogo, titled "Pogo Worldwide".
  • Trevor lives in Florida.
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