Val is a character owned by 13AM Games and makes a cameo in Indie Pogo. She comes from the game Runbow.[1]

Trophy Quote

"Val joined the Runbow ensemble to give Hue a run for his money. She's a tireless runner, an expert uppercutter, and a powerful ground pounder. Among her greatest feats is being swallowed by the Bowhemoth and escaping successfully, trophy in hand." ― Val's Trophy Description.

Character Origin

Val and her male counterpart Hue come from the game Runbow, a platform racing game that incorporates color, as seen on Runbow Volcano.


  • Her name is a pun eluding to a graphic's "Intensity Value", associated with brightness and contrast of an image.
  • With her male counterpart, their names made a conjoined pun for the Runbow "Val-Hue" pack DLC.



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