The Vampire Hunter is a character owned by Nitrome who cameos in Indie Pogo. He is the main character from the horror themed game series Turn-Undead.[1]

Trophy Quote[edit | edit source]

"He roams the land in the dead of night, seeking out monsters to slay. But no prey has ever been more elusive than his nemesis, Dracula. The Vampire Hunter dual-wields golden guns that shoot wooden stakes. When they cling to walls, he is able to climb them." ― Vampire Hunter's Trophy Description

Character Origin[edit | edit source]

Vampire Hunter is the main character of the first Turn-Undead game. He sports dual pistols, that use wooden stakes as ammunition and double as footholds for wall climbing. His life-long mission is to track down and eliminate Count Dracula.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Vampire Hunter's appearance is often paralleled with that of the antagonist of Rayman, Mr. Dark.[2]
  • His goal of defeating Dracula can easily be compared to the core premise of the Castlevania series.[3]

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