Velocispider is a character owned by Retro Dreamer and is an unlockable fighter. They appear in their eponymous mobile game, Velocispider.[1]

Trophy Quote Edit

"Velocispider is a lethally dangerous specimen called an Araknasaur. The evil Robot Seafood Corporation found this out the hard way when they attempted to steal it's coveted eggs with an onslaught of weaponized Aquabots. Nobody messes with Velocispder's eggs." ― Velocispider's Trophy Description
For Velocispider's Hard Mode trophy, see Skeleton Velocispider.

Character Description Edit

Velocispider is an half-spider, half-velociraptor creature, with a velociraptor head and spider legs. They have mechanical parts and are equipped with the Head Cannon. In Velocispider, they had to defend their eggs from the Evil Corporation.

Summary Edit

03- Velocispider – Indie Pogo

03- Velocispider – Indie Pogo

Velocispider is the first unlockable character. In fact, you can even unlock them right from the start as he only costs 50 coins. As such, they are a really simple character to understand and to play. Their Neutral Aerial and Grounded Charge share the same amount of charge, which is a unique mechanic. Velocispider is about keeping the opponent above them and shoot projectiles before they Pogo them, making it a risky but rewarding character.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Aerial | Charge Blast : Velocispider releases an explosion that deals 4 damage uncharged. This move can be charged both in the air and on the ground and deals 10 damage fully charged. The hitbox also grows in size when charged.

Up Aerial | Plasma Trail : Velocispider shoots an electric arc that can be aimed. When the button is released, they will teleport to the tip of the arc and cause a round explosion. Velocispider travelling on the arc deals 3 damage, the explosion deals 6 damage, and comboing one into the other is pretty easy.

Down Aerial | Jet Cannon : Velocispider drops downward, dealing 6 damage and spiking the enemy. The move can be used offstage to carry the opponent and do a suicide KO.

Grounded Charge | Charge Shot : Velocispider shoots a blue projectile in the air, dealing 4 damage uncharged and 9 damage fully charged. This move can be charged in the air and on the ground, and the hitbox grows in size when charged.

SUPER | Omega Laser : Velocispider shoots a huge laser doing 8 damage. It covers the whole stage vertically, and they can move during the Super. The Super lasts 5 seconds. However, Velocispider is vulnerable and cannot double jump during the Super, any jump over a pit will be, in fact, deadly, due to the heavy recoil of the laser.

Alternate Skins Edit

03-skins (2)

Trevor and Jaron Lowe both said during the Indie Pogo launch day livestream that Velocispider's recolors were based on Metroid's Samus' alternate costume in Super Smash Bros..[2]

Orange Edit

Based on Velocispider apperance from Velocispider. (Base Skin)

Purple Edit

Based on Samus' blue recolor in Super Smash Bros.. Could also be based on the color palette of the skull enemy from their game.

Green Edit

Based on Samus' green recolor in Super Smash Bros..

Black Edit

Based on Samus' black recolor in Super Smash Bros.. Could also be based on Ridley's palette from Metroid, or the Evil Corporation man’s color palette from Velocispider.[3]

Skeleton (Additional Costume) Edit

Based on the appearance of Velocispider when defeated/KO'd.

Strategies Edit

"Insert your strategy here" ― Insert your username here

Update History Edit


  • Change Rework Rolling Leap hitbox relocated to Velocispider's mouth.


  • Nerf Charge Blast damage reduced from 6-12 to 4-9.


  • Change Rework Charge Blast hitbox shape changed from a rectangle to an ellipse.
  • Nerf Charge Blast and Charge Shot now take longer to fully charge.
  • Nerf Velocispider can no longer double jump off of a grounded charge.


  • Buff Velocispider can now double jump off of a grounded charge.
  • Nerf Charge Blast maximum damage reduced from 9 to 8.


  • Bugfix Fixed Velocispider's dodge palette.


  • Buff Charge Blast maximum damage increased from 8 to 10.


  • Bugfix Fixed a bug that caused Velocispider's charge sound to persist after jumping on Welltaro's Heart Balloon.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Indie Pogo isn't the first time where Velocispider crosses over with Blockman, as they are playable in The Blocks Cometh.
  • The pixel artist of Indie Pogo, Trevor Lowe, said that Velocispider had a "unique character design". [4]
  • Velocispider was the 3rd character added to the game. [5]
  • Velocispider‘s moveset shares similarities with that of Samus from the Metroid series.
    • Their alternate costumes are all based on Samus' recolors in Super Smash Bros., as stated earlier.
    • Their Grounded Charge is named "Charge Shot", just like Samus' Neutral Special in Super Smash Bros.. Both moves share the same utility, being a chargeable blast of energy that can be fired.[6]
    • Their SUPER move is called "Omega Laser", which share similarities with Samus' "Zero Laser".[7]

References Edit

  3. It is unclear if the Lowe Bros. wanted to reference Ridley or not, as Trevor said it was the case, but Jaron denied it. Velocispider and Ridley share similarities anyway.
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