Viridian is a character owned by Terry Cavanagh and is an unlockable fighter. They appear in the game VVVVVV.[1]

Character Origin Edit

Captain Viridian is a Villi and pilots the D.S.S. Souleye. The game they represent is VVVVVV, in which their most prominent ability is flipping gravity. This helps them traverse the landscape known as Dimension VVVVVV.[2]

Trophy Quote Edit

"Viridian is the captain of the D.S.S. Souleye. When his ship fell victim to the VVVVVV dimension and his crew teleported away, it became his mission to rescue them all and forge a way home. His hallmark ability to flip his own gravity was crucial on this perilous journey." ― Viridian's Trophy Description.
"Captain Viridian managed to find 20 trinkets strewn around Dimension VVVVVV while searching for his crew. Once he gave them all to Victoria, the ship's researcher, she was able to discover a Secret Laboratory! Strangely, trinkets also play songs in the ship's jukebox." ― Shiny Trinket's Trophy Description.

Summary Edit

09- Viridian – Indie Pogo

09- Viridian – Indie Pogo

Viridian is a lightweight character in Indie Pogo. Instead of a double jump, this character can hold the jump button to invert gravity. Their down attack is a powerful spike that becomes a screen reaching projectile.

Moveset Edit

Side Melee : Viridian spawns the word "LIES" in front of them. Deals 4 damage.

Up Melee : Viridian spawns the word "TRUTH" above them. Deals 4 damage.

Down Melee : Viridian spawns the word "OBEY" below them. Deals 4 damage.

Neutral/Side Special | Orbit : Viridian spins several times, dealing 1 damage per hit. This move can be preformed while reversing gravity. If Viridian touches the ground when still performing this move, their landing lag will be increased. If one is used after the other in the same jump, it will have a shorter duration and deal double the damage.

Up Special | Warp : Viridian spawns a Warp portal and teleports through it. Other players can be launched through it upon contact. Opponents take 1 damage and are knocked back when travelling through the portal.

Down Special | VVV : Viridian does a powerful red "VVV" stomp below themselves, dealing 5 damage and launching them downwards. The VVV projectiles then turn blue, and slowly drift down until they come into contact with a player or surface. Each blue V projectile deals 2 damage.

Grounded Charge | Enemy : Viridian summons a small flashing crosshair, that moves up above them slightly, then moves back downwards back towards them. The crosshair deals 2 damage. The longer this move is charged, the higher the crosshair will go above Viridian. After the charge is released, Viridian can move and attack as normal while the target moves, making it a great combo tool.

SUPER | Extra Gravity : Viridian unleashes a huge shockwave, dealing 3 damage and applying a Grounded debuff on hit, forcing enemies to the ground for a short time.

Alternate Skins Edit


As Viridian's design is single-colored, their alternate skins changetheir coloration to that of their fellow crew members from the D.S.S. Souleye.

Skin Name Description
Cyan Based off Captain Viridian's appearance in VVVVVV (Base Skin).
Yellow Based off Professor Vitellary, another character in VVVVVV.
Purple Based off Doctor Violet, another character in VVVVVV.
Red Based off Officer Vermilion, another character in VVVVVV.
Indigo Based off Doctor Victoria, another character in VVVVVV.
Green Based off Chief Verdigris, another character in VVVVVV.
Rainbow (Additional Costume) Rainbow Viridian is a "Supreme Skin" added for Patch Viridian cycles through many rainbow colours, akin to the *no-signal* setting on a television.

Competitive PlayEdit

Techs and StrategiesEdit

"Viridian can use any aerial move out of a roll jump to keep their momentum going while performing the attack. The Up Aerial seem to be refreshed when used very close to the ground. It allows for grounded anti-air attacks without even touching the ground Their SUPER can be used to spike enemies into the bottom blast zone when they are above a pit. Viridian can use their Neutral Aerial while going upwards. This can be used to put enemies in a vulnerable position or even send them directly to the blast zone. Viridian's Down Aerial does more damage and knocks enemies if used when the VVV is still red, making it a good move to send an enemy to the blast zone." ― Bit750

Update History Edit


  • Bugfix Fixed a bug that allowed Viridian to transfer puddles to ceilings.


  • Nerf VVV projectiles no longer stun enemies when blue.


  • Nerf Viridian's max horizontal movement speed has been reduced from 4.3 to 4.1.


  • Bugfix Fixed a bug relating to interactions between Parkour and Viridian's double jump.


  • Nerf Viridian's vertical movement speed has been slightly reduced.


  • Bugfix Fixed a bug that prevented Viridian from airdodging after touching the top blast zone.


  • Midair Jump
    • Nerf Viridian can now SD if they cross the top blast zone during their Midair Jump.
    • Nerf Viridian no longer gains Midair Jump after touching the underside of a platform.
  • Parkour
    • Buff Viridian can now use Parkour on ceilings and underneath platforms.
    • Nerf Certain moves can knock Viridian off of platforms they are underneath.
  • Up Melee
    • Change Rework Viridian’s old Up Special has been moved to their Up Melee.
    • Buff Can now be used multiple times in midair.
    • Nerf Damage reduced from 7 to 4.
  • Neutral/Side Special | Orbit
    • Change Rework Viridian’s Side Special is the same as his Neutral Special. If one is used after the other in the same jump, it will have a shorter duration and deal double the damage.
  • Up Special | Warp
    • New Viridian spawns a Warp portal and teleports through it. Other players can be launched through it upon contact.
  • Down Special | VVV
    • Buff Each V is separated into its own hitbox and deals 2 damage.
    • Nerf V projectiles no longer travel through platforms.


  • Up Special | Warp
    • Nerf Viridan can no longer spawn another Warp portal if one is already active.
    • Nerf Startup slightly increased.


  • General
    • Bugfix Fixed a bug with Viridian's jumpsquat while upside down.
    • Change Rework Changed Viridian's crouch sprite while in move state.
  • Neutral / Side Special | Orbit
    • Bugfix Fixed a bug that caused this move's hitbox to stay active while Viridian lands.
  • Up Special | Warp
    • Nerf Viridian can no longer spawn a new Warp portal if one is already active.

Trivia Edit

  • Viridian was implemented before CommanderVideo, but joined the roster afterward as the 9th playable character.[3]
  • Viridian is the most expensive character to unlock, tied to their complexity. As an opposite - and almost an irony to the difficulty of VVVVVV - their shop-only skins are the easiest to get, costing 25 coins each.
  • Viridian stays true to their appearance in VVVVVV: pixelated, simple, and without any detail. This isn't the case of other fighters like Welltaro.
  • Viridian is labeled as male throughout their trophy quote, and while dialogue throughout VVVVVV would suggest this to be the case, their gender is actually unknown. As Terry Cavanagh has gone on record to say he deliberately made it ambiguous, this is a heavily debated topic among the game's community.[4]
  • Viridian is the second oldest Indie character in Indie Pogo (with CommanderVideo as the first), making his debut on January 11, 2010.

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