Well Caverns is a unlockable stage in Indie Pogo. It comes from the game Downwell, developed by Ojiro Fumoto and published by Devolver Digital.

Stage Origin Edit

Downwell is a roguelike platform shooter that has the player controlling Welltaro, a young man equipped with a pair of Gunboots, through a series of monster-filled rooms inside a Well. As the player progresses further down the well, they can collect treasure, purchase items from underground shops, and stomp on the heads of baddies along the way.

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Like Downwell, Well Caverns is heavily downward-focused. Because the walls on both side of the stage extend all the way upwards and downwards, there is only a top and bottom blast zone. Scattered throughout the stage are destructible blocks, some of which randomly carry Gems inside. When these blocks are destroyed, a Gem will pop out for any player to collect and charge their SUPER with. The walls jut out into 2 flat protrusions, that also separate the stage into two "sections". The upper section has two small platforms at the top right, as well as 2 formations of destructible blocks. The bottom section only has one small platform with a formation of destructible blocks, as well as another small block suspended from the ceiling.

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There are no stage hazards in Well Caverns.

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