Welltaro is a character owned by Moppin and is an unlockable fighter. He appears in the game Downwell.[1]

Trophy Quotes Edit

"Welltaro is a curious young person who fell down a well. He utilized a trusty pair of Gunboots to slow his descent speeds and damage enemies below. In order to reload ammo, he needed only touch ground (or an enemy's head). Reaching the bottom yielded a special reward." ― Welltaro's Trophy Description
"It wasn't enough for Welltaro to just descend to the bottom of the well. He chose to do so in style! For Handstand Style, he gets a discount for all items at the shop, but chooses from a smaller pool of upgrades at the end of each level." ― Handstand Welltaro's Trophy Description

Character Origin Edit

Welltaro is the protagonist of Downwell. Each playthrough starts with Welltaro jumping down into a well. He shoots enemies from above with his Gunboots until he meets the end of the well, beating the level.

Summary Edit

14- Welltaro – Indie Pogo

14- Welltaro – Indie Pogo

Welltaro from a gameplay standpoint is a bit more complex than the rest of the cast. While he excels at downward coverage from above, his lack of horizontal coverage and poor recovery can make him a pretty polarizing character that requires mastery of his strengths to succeed. He has an ammo gauge that he relies on to perform various attacks. The Gunboots can hold up to 8 ammo in them, with Neutral and Down aerials consuming more than one ammo. When he has no ammo left, he cannot perform any attack except Up Aerial and can no longer perform an air jump, and is then extremely vulnerable. Welltaro reloads his entire ammo gauge by landing - whether it be on the ground or an enemy's head.

Moveset Edit

Air Jump: Allows Welltaro to shoot with his Machine Gun, each bullet dealing 1 damage (2 damage in Gem High). Each Air Jump consumes one ammo, and the first Air Jump performed after a grounded jump or pogo has more height to it.

Neutral Aerial | Shotgun Module : Welltaro shoots a Shotgun, dealing 5 damage (7 damage in Gem High). It has a spiking effect, and releases two hot casing on both sides dealing 1 damage. Every use of Neutral Aerial consumes 4 ammo, so this move can be used twice before having to reload. If less than four ammo remains, then the attack uses all remaining ammo.

Up Aerial | Heart Balloon : Welltaro inflates a Heart Balloon. The balloon serves as a protection against attacks from above. The balloon can exploded pressing the attack button again to deal 10 damage.

Down Aerial | Laser Module : Welltaro shoots a vertical Laser through the whole stage, dealing a reported minimum of 5 damage and a maximum of 9 damage (Minimum 6 damage and maximum 11 damage in Gem High), doing more damage the closer the fighter is to Welltaro. The laser cannot go through platforms. Every use of Down Aerial consumes 3 ammo, so this move can be used three times before having to reload. If less than three ammo remains, then the attack uses all remaining ammo.

Grounded Charge | Rocket Jump : Welltaro launches high up in the air with a Rocket Jump, dealing 6 damage on both sides when launching. The height of the charge increases with charge time, while the damage is always the same.

SUPER | Gem High: Welltaro unleashes Gem High, which grants him infinite ammo, additional range and attack power for all his Gunboots moves. Gem High lasts 16 seconds. Cashing in a Pogo Combo whilst Gem High is active resets the duration of the Super - it can be extended infinitely if enough Pogo Combos are made in succession.

Alternate Skin Edit


Every skin is based on a Palette from Downwell.

Red Edit

Based on the DOWNWELL palette.

Blue Edit

Based on the AQUA palette.

Green Edit

Based on the MATCHA palette.

Grey Edit

Based on the GRAYSCALE palette.

Full Red Edit

Based on the VBOY palette.

Competitive Play Edit

Attributes Edit

Strenghts Weaknesses
  • High damage dealing combos
  • Balloon's hitbox makes him really safe.
  • Multiple combos to hit people off-stage
  • He can easily get gems
  • His attacks are really avoidable
  • Very poor SUPER
  • Poor recovery
  • Slow Movement Speed

Techs and Strategies Edit

"Playing Welltaro comes down to 6 important things:

1.Spacing (Especially making sure your opponent can't punish you as soon as you land by moving far enough away from them), keeping distance when near the ground and moving closer when above your opponent. It is good to move closer when both players are on the ground by using rolling/rolling leaps. Make sure to use the balloon quite often as it is a very effective tool for spacing.

2.Utilizing quickrolling, rolls and sometimes rolldancing VERY often to quickly move away from your opponent to stop them from punishing you as soon as you land if you get too close.

3.Utilizing rolling leaps VERY often as it allows you to approach your opponent when you're both on the ground. It leads into many combos and is one of only two attacks that allows Welltaro to hit horizontally, along with his grounded charge.

4.Making sure you use ammo effectively and always knowing how much ammo you have left and what you can do with it, as this will help you greatly with spacing and combos. Many combos will give you chances to land on your opponent, so use that to refill your ammo meter so you can extend the combo.

5.Utilizing his grounded charge to gain a lot of height, allowing you to approach your opponent from above. It can also be used to stop an opponent from approaching you horizontally, i.e. through a rolling leap.

6.Making great use of the balloon, as it is Welltaro's most valuable tool. The balloon is an amazing tool for spacing, and so you'll want to use it very often, as it is your only horizontal defense against opponents when in mid-air. Many combos can be ended with the balloon and you will want to use the balloon to hit off the top fairly often. You can roll towards your opponent, detonate the balloon and roll the way you came from to try and lead your opponent into the balloon. The balloon is also very useful for gaining height which helps when approaching from above." ― Windchilled

Matchup Chart Edit


Welltaro's Matchup Chart.

Update History Edit


  • Bugfix Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when Crow popped Heart Balloon.


  • Bugfix Welltaro's death sprite palettes have been fixed.


  • Buff Heart Balloon can no longer be popped by teammates.


  • Bugfix Fixed a bug related to Heart Balloon.


  • Buff Gem High now grants Welltaro unlimited ammo.
  • Bugfix Fixed a bug that prevented Welltaro from reloading on the Bouncy Castle stage.


  • Change Rework Laser Module now launches players upwards.
  • Bugfix Fixed a bug related to Heart Balloon in Arcade Mode.


  • Bugfix Fixed a bug that caused Velocispider's charge sound to persist after jumping on Welltaro's Heart Balloon.


  • Buff Shotgun Module bullets now fire at wider horizontal angles.
  • Buff Shotgun Module damage increased from 4 to 5 and from 6 to 7 with Gem High active.

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Trivia Edit

  • Although he never had a canon name in Downwell, "Welltaro" is the name his creator, Ojiro Fumoto, gave to the Lowe Bros. for his appearance in Indie Pogo.[2]
  • Welltaro was the 14th character added to the game.[3]
  • Welltaro was the only character recruited during the kickstarter to not be DLC.
  • The color of the bullets from Welltaro's Gunboots, as well as the trail he leaves behind whilst in Gem High changes depending on his color palette.
  • Welltaro's Super Gauge, once active, has a custom design - the only one to do so.
  • During the Indie Pogo Release Tournament, a fan by the name of "Bedoop!" made several drawings of Welltaro wearing a frog hood as a way to express their hype for the tournament. This rendition of Welltaro was dubbed "Frogtaro," and became so popular that many fans have been campaigning for it to be included in Indie Pogo as an alternate skin.
  • It has been revealed on the website description of the Downwell website that Welltaro is “a young man going down an endless well with gun-boots”.[4]
  • Welltaro was implemented into the game in November of 2017, making him the final fighter as part of the default 14.
  • When spawning in, Welltaro's sprite appears similar to the Youth upgrade in Downwell

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