The Xenorg warriors were created by Lowe Bros. Studios and are the alien antagonists of Stardrop's source games. They make a cameo in Indie Pogo as the practice enemies of the game's tutorial, as well as Stardrop's Hard Mode trophy.[1]

Trophy Quote

"Their mission in life is to invade planets & conquer all native life. This is why Stardrop was tasked to enter the Xeneorg homeworld, delve into its molten core, & self-explode to destroy it from the inside. They now reside on a space station, regrouping...planning." ― Xenorg's Trophy Description.

"When the alien Xenorg race invades planets, they use Xenorg Bombs as part of their arsenal. Their explosive capabilitiescan be devastating and their AI allows them to target objectives without input from warriors." ― Xenorg Bomb's Trophy Description.

Character Origin


The Xenorg are an alien race of warriors who ride on speeders. They first appeared in Stardrop Blaster, acting as obstacles for Stardrop as he runs through various locations in the Space Junction.

Additionally, bomb variants of Xenorg are also present. They possess AI that allows the Xenorg to easily conquer planets, and aim to make quick work of Stardrop as such. They would make a return in Indie Pogo to slow down Stardrop's progress in the Challenge Mode tasks dedicated to parkour.



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