Yolk is a character owned by Nitrome and is the 3rd post-release fighter. He comes from the game Leap Day.[1]

Character OriginEdit

Yolk comes from the mobile platforming game, Leap Day, where the goal is to climb a vertical landscape that changes everyday. The game is made by Nitrome, and as such he has brought an assortment of other faces from Nitrome games to fight alongside him.

Trophy QuoteEdit

"Yolk is the star of a mobile platforming game with a unique twist. He must climb the towering vertical landscapes which change EVERY SINGLE DAY, all while collecting an amalgamation of tasty fruit. Yolk is also known for taking charismatic selfies." ― Yolk's Trophy Description.
"When Yolk and friends climb to the top of a vertical landscape, they arrive at a giant golden cup, signaling their success. It seems one of these trophies, albeit much smaller, has come to life! Despite being made of metal, Victor is just as nimble as Yolk." ― Victor's Trophy Description.

Summary Edit

Yolk's Reveal Trailer - Indie Pogo

Yolk's Reveal Trailer - Indie Pogo

While Yolk lacks in his base mobility, with lower jumps than a lot of the cast, he more than makes up for it in options and versatility.

Moveset Edit

Tether Grab | Silly Sausage: While pressing Special during a grab, Yolk will extend Silly Sausage above him. This can change direction as it extends, and can grab ledges, opponents and other objects to pull Yolk upwards. Grabbing an opponent will deal 5 damage.

Side Melee: Yolk uses Green Ninja, who screams as he kicks forward dealing 5 damage.

Up Melee: Yolk uses the protagonist of Flat Pack as a helicopter blade. This deals 1 damage and multi hits opponents, with the bonus of giving Yolk some extra upwards momentum.

Down Melee: Yolk uses Rust Bucket to slash downwards dealing 5 damage.

Neutral Special | Spicy Piggy: Yolk holds Spicy Piggy, and shoots a fireball in front of him. This travels in an arc through the air, effected by gravity. When it touches the ground it splits into 3 smaller fireballs that will disappear on contact. The big fireball deals 2 damage and sets opponents on fire, while the smaller fireballs deal 1 damage and do not ignite. Has a cooldown between uses.

Side Special | Pole Vault: Yolk rides the back of King Edward from Vault, and can use his vault to carry them both forwards. The pole can latch onto the ground and walls to propel Yolk & his buddy in a direction. The pole vault deals 1 damage but the kick while on the pole can deal 4 damage.

Up Special | Buddy Toss: Yolk throws a buddy from various Nitrome games through the air. Has a small cooldown, after which it will cycle through to a new buddy. Below is a list of all buddies and their particular properties;

  • Bird: From the game Cooped Up. Deals 1 damage and can multi-hit opponents.
  • Cheese Moon: From the game Cheese Dreams. Deals 3 damage and bounces on stage for longer, but deals less damage after the first throw.
  • Prisoner: From the game Stretch Dungeon. Deals 3 damage and makes the opponent drop a collectable gem on the ground.
  • Rosy Cheeks Boy: From the game Platform Panic. Deals 5 damage.
  • Spike: From the game Spike City. Deals 3 damage and has very strong upwards knockback.
  • Viking: From the game Ice Breaker. Deals 8 damage.

Down Special | Gopogo: Yolk stands atop Vim from Gopogo. They use their pogo stick to bounce off the ground, or enemies, to gain height. This can launch Yolk into an opponent dealing 5 damage. When landing on an opponent, this attack will spike them. Yolk can also rotate while on the ground to alter the angle of his bounce, or jump off Vim for extra height.

Grounded Charge | Bomb Chicken: Yolk pulls out Bomb Chicken from the eponymous game. Bomb Chicken then lays several bombs stacked on top of each other, causing Yolk to ascend higher and higher as the bombs are placed. The speed at which Bomb Chicken lays bombs can be influenced by holding up or down. Bombs will detonate after a fuse time, after a nearby bomb explodes or on impact with a player. The explosion deals 3 damage and can damage Yolk himself. The stack of bombs can be launched horizontally using side melee.

SUPER | Victory Trophy: Yolk will warp to the top of the screen (this process can actually deal 6 damage to opponents) before coming back down with the giant trophy from Leap Day. This will collide with the first floor it reaches and deals 10 damage as it falls.

Update History Edit


  • New Added to the game.


  • Tether Grab | Silly Sausage
    • Nerf Can now grab opponents once per jump, but can grab terrain infinitely.
  • SUPER | Victory Trophy
    • Nerf No longer hits multiple times while falling.
    • Nerf Damage when falling reduced from 12 to 10.


  • Yolk is the first and currently only trophy that was promoted to a character role. After a series of hints starting on November 4th, 2019, he was formally revealed on November 19th, 2019.
  • Yolk's previously mentioned Grounded Charge was shown off in an official tweet on January 10th, 2020.[2]
  • Yolk's victory sprite shows him holding up a trophy; the color of the trophy varies based on his placement on the podium, from bronze to silver to gold.



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