Yolk is a character owned by Nitrome and is a confirmed future DLC character. He is currently represented as a trophy in Indie Pogo. He comes from the game Leap Day.[1]

Trophy QuoteEdit

"Yolk is the star of a mobile platforming game with a unique twist. He must climb the towering vertical landscapes which change EVERY SINGLE DAY, all while collecting an amalgamation of tasty fruit. Yolk is also known for taking charismatic selfies." ― Yolk's Trophy Description.

Character OriginEdit

Yolk comes from the mobile platforming game, Leap Day, where the goal is to climb a vertical landscape that changes everyday. The game is made by Nitrome

Summary Edit

Moveset Edit

Side Melee: TBA

Up Melee: TBA

Down Melee: TBA

Neutral Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA

Grounded Charge: TBA


Strategies Edit

"Insert your strategy here" 

― Insert your username here



  • Yolk is the first and currently only trophy that was promoted to a character role. After a series of hints starting on November 4th, 2019, he was formally revealed on November 19th, 2019.


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