Zorbié is a character owned by Étienne Périn & Simon Périn, and is an unlockable fighter. He appears in the game Zorbié.[1]

Trophy Quote Edit

"Zorbié is out of jail and he iz hungry. Upon release, he does what any sensible person would do: Throw an axe (& other wacky power-ups) at birds overhead to make a nice meal. Can he take out the evil Gordolex before he's re-captured into police custody?" ― Zorbié's Trophy Description.

"While his axe is his primary means of hunting birds, Zorbié has a slew of other weapons at his disposal. His Mega Axe is a powerup that grows in size after it's been thrown. Luckily, he doesn't need to be holding his normal axe to use the Mega Axe!" ― Mega Axe's Trophy Description.

Character Origin Edit

Zorbié is the character you play as in the mobile game Zorbié. The player can move from side to side, throw Zorbié's axe upwards to attack enemies which then proceed to fall down, allowing him to eat them for points. The player loses by being hit by the axe on its way down, or by running out of time.

Summary Edit

02- Zorbié – Indie Pogo

02- Zorbié – Indie Pogo

Zorbié relies on his axe to compose his moveset: in fact, every move is tied to the axe in one way or another.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Aerial | Corkscrew Flurry : Zorbié does a whirlwind spin attack with his axe, bouncing off opponents and doing 8 damage. If Zorbié has previously lost his axe, he'll spin with his fists instead and deal 5 damage.

Up Aerial | Mustache Flap : Zorbié will make up to three upward thrusts with his mustache. If an opponent is hit from below, Zorbie will briefly swallow them before farting them back and spiking them downwards for 8 damage.

Down Aerial | Shoe Stomp : Zorbié will don sneakers and drop down quickly for a fast and hard slam. Damage is dealt based on how high up Zorbié has fallen, and can do up to 10 damage. Succesfully hitting an opponent with this attack refreshes it.

Grounded Charge | Axe Throw : Zorbié will throw his axe upwards at his opponents, dealing 10 damage min and 15 damage max. While its in the air, Zorbié can potentially use his Up Aerial to swallow and poop out his axe down at any opponents that are below him. Beware however; the axe can damage Zorbié himself on its way back down.

Corbie Fetch: If Zorbié has previously lost his axe, the Grounded Charge will make Corbié come out of their doghouse to fetch it back to Zorbié's location.

SUPER | Mega Axe: Zorbié throws his Mega Axe upwards dealing 20 damage, and unlike his Grounded Charge; he will instantly get a new axe to use. However, if Zorbié has previously thrown his axe and it is laying on the stage floor he will still throw the giant axe, but still have to retrieve his original one.

Alternate Skins Edit

Zorbié's skins focus on showcasing him in distinctly different tunics, somewhat in a reference to the different Links in The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. Additionally, all of Zorbié’s palettes are colors from the ”Bonus” font from his game, which may be a source.

Green Edit

Zorbié in his standard, green tunic (Base Skin).

Cyan Edit

No notable reference outside the Zorbié logo colors.


Could be based off of the yellow bird enemies. Bears similarities to Wario from the Super Mario Bros. series.


Based off of the color palette the pink bird enemies from Zorbié.


Released in celebration of the first Indie Pogo tournament, organised by Munkee Haruka. Bears similarities to Waluigi from the Super Mario Bros. series.

Prisonbreak ZorbieEdit

An homage to Zorbié's backstory as an escaped convict. This Supreme Skin was teased during the original Kickstarter. Released after the first Zorb-Off tournament to Munkee Haruka, it was then made available as the game's first DLC on Oct 15 2018[2].

Strategies Edit

"If Zorbié uses his Uair on an opponent with full or mid health (50-20), it is possible to follow up with a Dair as they will only land and bounce high enough to be just below him and continue to juggle them with Dair, if used with an opponent with low health (20-8) they will instead be launched above Zorbie, allowing more opportunities to chain more Uairs or to send them off screen if blasted high enough in arenas such as flappy pipeyard, however with the discovery of teching and quickrolling this strategy may not work of the opponent is able to tech the bounce" ― BML42

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Trivia Edit

  • Zorbié is Trevor Lowe's favorite fighter to play as.
  • Zorbié was the 2nd fighter implemented into Indie Pogo. With this character, the Lowe Bros. started experimenting with their communicative design philosophy.[3]
  • Zorbié's purple palette is likely a reference to Waluigi, due to a running gag - during the first Indie Pogo tournament - comparing the two characters. This could suggest the yellow palette is also an indirect reference to Wario.

Patch Changes Edit Edit

  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when Zorbie would eat Crow.

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